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Northland Fulfillment creates a customized pricing structure to fit the unique needs and requirements of each of our clients.

Your pricing plan considers such things as:

  • Type of product or products (size , weight, etc)
  • Warehousing space required.
  • Your preferred shipping carrier .
  • Whether the shipments are pick and pack or bulk pick.
  • Packing slip requirements.

    Please contact us at 416-665-0005×243 to complete a setup questionnaire and then we will send you a service contract with pricing. The contract will be an agreement between you and Northland about how much the storage fees are and the shipping fees as well as service levels. The fees depend on the product you are selling. You will be assigned a client manager who will manage your account.


    Contact Paula Zenti
    1-416-665-0005 Ext: 233
    for a free quote.